Signia's new breakthrough NX platform offers a number of intriguing audiological features for hearing aid wearers. With a new sound classification system, improved connectivity and industry-leading sound quality, the NX hearing aids are sure to be a hit. In addition, the new processing platform is the first to introduce Signia's Own Voice Processing (OVP™) technology, addressing a common concern for new and experienced hearing aid wearers. According to Signia, the NX hearing aids improve spontaneous acceptance of the patient's own voice by 75% .

Pure Charge&Go

The Pure Charge&Go hearing aid combines the powerful NX sound processing capabilities with the convenience of rechargeable hearing aids! The innovative high-capacity, Li-Ion power cells of Pure Charge&Go hearing aids support Bluetooth® connectivity, allowing users to enjoy long-lasting, high-fidelity audio streaming. By charging up the hearing system while they sleep, wearers can trust their hearing ssytem to always deliver the sounds of life!

Own Voice Processing

Hearing aid wearers, especially new ones, have typically had to get used to the fact that their own voice sounds different while wearing the devices. While this usually gets better over time, however some users report more difficulty accepting the altered perception of their voice. Signia has addressed this issue with their latest platform, NX. The NX hearing aids utilize real-time processing to recognize the user’s voice and deliver the most natural sound possible. According to Pamela Burton, Signia’s VIce President of Product Management and Customer Care, “ Signia Nx provides the first genuine solution to the own voice issue: it delivers unsurpassed first fit acceptance by combining uncompromised audibility with a natural sounding own voice.”

MyControl App

The Signia MyControl App is a remote control app designed to give NX wearers control over their hearing aids. Available in iOS and Android versions, the MyControl app allows wearers to control volume, program memories, power on delay and notification settings (like low battery). This can also help control the television volume when paired with the StreamLine TV accessory.

TeleCare 3.0 : The industry standard in tele-audiology technology

Signia has recently introduced the latest iteration in their TeleCare technology. TeleCare 3.0 allows hearing care professionals to conduct live remote programming sessions with patients. This replaced unnecessary visits, reduces costs and improves outcomes for those wearing TeleCare 3.0-compatible devices.