About Us

Mohammad S Asghar
Au.D, (Doctor in Audiology) Salus University USA,
ABA, Certified by American Board Of Audiology, FAAA
M.Sc Audiological Medicine, (Manchester, UK)
M.C.P.C (ENT), (college of Physicians and Surgeons of Pakistan)
M.B.B.S (Punjab).

Ear Health Canada is the brainchild of Mohammad Asghar, Doctor of Audiology. Mr. Asghar (Doctor of Audiology) has more than 30 years of experience in clinical audiology.

He graduated in Medicine in 1980 from University of Punjab in Lahore, Pakistan. After completing his residency in ENT he received his Membership with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Pakistan and practiced as an ENT specialist for a few years. There were no trained audiologists in Pakistan at that time. Realizing the need of the time he pursued his degree in Audiological Medicine from University of Manchester UK in 1987 and later, completed his Au.D (doctorate in audiology) from Salus university, USA in 2002.

He returned to Pakistan to start his career as an Audiological Physician in Pakistan. Being the pioneer in the field, he had to struggle to develop the necessary infrastructure for audiology. He, himself, received training in ear mould making, hearing aid production, and started an audiology business in professional grounds, which he later sold and moved to Canada in 2004.

In Canada he worked at the Ear Institute audiology clinic from 2004. He started the vestibular program at the Ear Institute and pioneered the dizzy battery approach for the assessment and management of patients suffering from dizziness problems.

He started “Hearing and Balance Centre”, the first Canadian vestibular assessment centre in private setup, in 2011. Today it is a group of 9 clinics. With that, he introduced the medical model of audiology, working closely with the medical community. Having a medical background he understood the dynamics of working together with the medical community for the benefit of audiology patients.

Mr. Asghar (Doctor of Audiology) is a believer in new technology and with the introduction of equipment and technology it is now possible to reach out to the people who are under-served to assess and manage their hearing and balance problems. Learning from the Hearing and Balance Centres, he decided to integrate the same medical model in Ear Health Canada. This new entity will work in collaboration with ENTs and the medical community, in general, to help patients reach their rehabilitation goals in resolving hearing and balance disorders.

Our Vision

The ubiquity of the internet of things (IoT) and its ever-growing capability to connect people and devices anywhere in world will enable the delivery of audiology products and services at never seen before levels of convenience and efficiency for the consumer. Products and services available anywhere, anytime, on-demand – Tele-Audiology is the future of ear health care.


Our mission is to lead the ear health care space as the number 1 provider of Tele Audiology based hearing and balance products and services.

To be the best online hearing aid sales and service provider by delivering top quality hearing aids appropriate to the patient’s needs and requirements.

To be the comprehensive source of information for patients looking into hearing and balance disorders.


  • To set the standards by providing best practices and evidence based services through Tele Audiology.
  • To reach areas under-served by audiologists
  • To partner with hearing care providers globally to provide the best quality ear health care.
  • To provide consultation to establish state of art hearing and balance centres.
  • To provide second opinion and consultation about the interpretation of results.
  • Help establish remote testing and analyses setup and consultation.
  • Provide advisory support on vestibular rehabilitation.