Please see our list of the most frequently asked questions below, if your question is not answered then feel free to ask our online audiologist:

My name is Mohammad Asghar, your online audiologist. I'm here to help and would be delighted to answer any questions you have. Please click here to send me your question and I will be happy to answer your question within 24hrs. In addition, if you have recently purchased a hearing aid from Earhealth Canada and having concerns or question you can contact us through support and or make an appointment with our Tele audiology hearing specialist.

Although we can sell H aids directly to the customers without caring for who buys and what happens afterwards, but we consider H aid dispensing a serious business as if it is not done properly it could do more harm than benefit. So we will like to know more about your hearing loss, hearing difficulties and lifestyle before we advise you about hearing aids. With our tele-audiology program you can have free virtual consultation with one of our audiologist or Hearing specialists to discuss about your hearing loss and hearing aid evaluation.

If you are inquiring for a Hearing aid for your loved ones or a family member please have the audiogram in hand before we can discuss about H aids (upload the audiogram).

In special cases you can also have a consultation with our ENT (ear nose throat specialist)

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