The WIDEX DAILY PowerBTE uses our unique wireless WidexLink technology and the TRUE ISP, True-Input technology platform. Volume control and program button are standard.


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Feature Levels

Daily 330 Daily 220
Listening Programs 5 4
Inter Hearing Aid Comm InterEar InterEar
Smart-Speak messaging Yes Yes
True-Input input range Yes Yes
Wireless connectivity Yes Yes
Noise Reduction Speech Enhancer NR SIS
ZEN Tinnitus Management Yes Yes
Frequency Bands 4-10 4
Processing Channels 10 5
Manufacturer’s Warranty 3 years 3 years
Loss & Damage Warranty 2 years 2 years

If you’re looking for a hearing aid that’s both easy to use and proven to perform, then the WIDEX DAILY series is for you.

DAILY hearing aids are available in a wide range of models to suit all types of hearing loss. It offers you proven Widex hearing aids features, such as sophisticated noise reduction to make speech understandable in noise, and can automatically adjust to your surroundings.

DAILY models feature:

  • Clear, natural sound
  • Individually adjustable programs (for music or phone calls)
  • InterEar communication, so both your hearing aids are always in synch
  • SmartSpeak verbal messaging, which uses actual recorded speech to inform you of various hearing aid functions, such as low battery power and program switch
  • The ZEN tone program, proven to offer relief from tinnitus and boost relaxation

DEX communication accessories allow you to connect quickly and instantly to remote controls, TVs, personal audio systems, tablets and more.

With COM-DEX, the latest addition to the DEX family, you can also stream calls and music wirelessly from your phone to your DAILY Widex hearing aids.

90-Day Return Policy

Your satisfaction is extremely important to us. If you decide – for any reason – that you aren't 100% happy with your hearing aids, return them within 90 days for a full refund. Hearing aids must be returned in good condition.

Fitting Adjustments and Fine Tuning

With our innovative Tele-Care system, we maximize convenience for you when you need adjustments to your hearing aids. Log into the Tele-Care application on our website with your computer or mobile device and a qualified clinician will make any adjustments that you require, live with video.

Widex Daily Warranty

Each Widex Beyond 330 and Beyond 440 hearing aid comes with a 3-year manufacturer warranty, and includes a 3-year loss and damage warranty. Each hearing aid may be replaced one time during the loss and damage period for $300. The replacement cost includes a replacement instrument as well as an in-person appointment with your local provider to ensure the hearing aid is configured correctly. You may add one year to the warranty coverage, effectively giving you a 4-year manufacturer warranty, by checking the box under extended warranty, above. Each Widex Beyond 220 hearing aid comes with a 2-year manufacturer warranty, and includes a 2-year loss and damage warranty. Purchasing the warranty extension will extend the manufacturer warranty to 3 years.